Comparing Removable Dental Veneer Brands

Thanks to modern science, a beautiful smile is easier to have with the help of wearing removable veneers. Over the years, the development of “fake teeth” by different dental companies have made it possible to temporarily cover common teeth problems without having to experience pain and discomfort, or tip the budget.

The cover-up isn’t noticeable and if fitted right, it looks like natural teeth. This makes its use so popular among those who want to have better teeth, but haven’t decided on getting a complete and expensive corrective treatment done.

As a quick but temporary make-over, there are some Removable Dental Veneersadvantages to removable veneers, especially if you need to look your best in a social gathering, such as a reunion, a wedding. Selecting which type to get, however, can be overwhelming as there are many brands that offer removable veneers.

Below is a comparative list of the five most popular choices:


A leader in cosmetic dentistry, Snap-On-Smile offers a quick solution to dental aesthetics. It’s worn on the teeth to temporarily cover problems like chipping, teeth loss, stained teeth and crookedness, among others. A thorough exposition on the advantages of Snap-On-Smile is found on this page of the site. Snap-On-Smile is deemed as one of the most expensive removable veneer brands, however, when fitted to the teeth, it looks like the real thing.

PressOn Veneers

This brand is a cheaper alternative to Snap-On-Smile.  It offers the closest similarities, in that the design, structure and process are very identical. What makes PressOn Veneers a lot less expensive to Snap-On-Smile is because setting this on the teeth doesn’t require the services of the dentist. You are sent a kit by Bright Image, the manufacturer of this brand, to do the impressions at home.

You then send this back to them for preparation of your veneers at their laboratory. In other words, you acquire the veneers directly from the manufacturer, and there is no middleman (in this case, the dentist) to cut into the cost and time to get the veneers. Hence it’s cheaper by at least 70% and done in one to two weeks time.

InStyle Smile

Developed and manufactured by Trident Dental Laboratories, InStyle Smile is another removable veneer brand that offers easy and quick solutions to bad teeth. Just like any other removable veneer, Instyle does not require bonding nor cementing and unlike Snap-On-Smile, the teeth may not be prepped, hence it’s painless to get. But you will need to see a dentist for this to ensure that the fitting and the design of the teeth will go well. However, InStyle promises cheaper rates than Snap-On-Smile or even DIY removable veneers. Its cost is reportedly comparable to getting a teeth bleaching procedure.

Imako Teeth

This brand may be comparable to PressOn veneers in that the fitting of the teeth molding is DIY, meaning it’s done right in the comforts of your kitchen or bathroom. Just like PressOns this eliminates paying for costly dental services. The difference between these two dental appliances, however, is that Imako Teeth has a soft pink texture, mimicking the gums that helps to make the transformation smoother.

The shell is also a bit softer than any other type of removable veneers. Additionally, Imako Teeth has its own adhesive, which means that there’s a certain amount of preparation time each time you wear this.

Secure Smile or Instant Smile

Providing two options to users, Instant Smile has a thermal fitting veneer and pink gum colored basic removable veneer, similar to Imako Teeth. Wearing requires a few minutes of preparation time, as well, since the veneers must be applied with bonding cream to ensure that it’s securely fitted when worn. The price for this is perhaps the cheapest in all five, since at less than $20 you can get a basic upper veneer by ordering online. Instant Smile is formerly known as Secure Smile.

How Much Do Removable Veneers Cost?

Pricing on these veneers depend per case or patient, as well as the brand of choice. It can be anywhere from $20 to $1500. But you can get a costing or estimate by visiting their official websites.

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