Care and Maintenance With Damon Braces

One of the advantages of wearing Damon braces over conventional types that have these elastomeric rings or bands on it, is the fact that Damon braces are easier to clean and maintain throughout the course of the treatment. Traditional braces normally trap food particles in the mouth, causing bacteria build-up that can lead to the development of plaque and tartar.

Since bands or rings are not present in a Damon braces system, this lessens plaque formation on the teeth. But this also doesn’t mean that you have to slack with tooth care and oral hygiene.

Dental hygiene remains to be a primal need because teeth, like the rest of the vital organs in your body, should be cared for well. Listed below are the things you have to include in your oral hygiene kit to ensure that your teeth remain clean, sparkling white and free of cavities, especially with braces on.

Damon Braces Care & Maintenance

Essentials for Tooth Care & Maintenance

  • THREADED FLOSS: You need this to clean the gum lines and the narrow spaces in between the teeth that a toothbrush wont’ be able to reach. These can be bought at the supermarket and drugstore. It’s readily available and affordable as buying toothbrush. But there’s also a special types that are thinner and comes with wax, which is very useful for people with braces, since sometimes, a regular floss can break between the wires. Regardless if you have braces or not, flossing should actually be a part of your usual dental hygiene. If this is your first time to floss, though, it will feel different at first but you will get used to it soon enough.
  • DENTAL PICKS: These are thin sticks with a strand of floss on one end, and a pointy end on the other side. Use this to pick off food that may be trapped in the wires or door of your Damon braces. You can keep this handy inside your purse to use when you’re eating at a restaurant or going on trips. Dental picks are available at drugstores and health and beauty stores.
  • PROXABRUSH: A specialized toothbrush, this piece resembles pipe cleaners with its long, cone-line bristles, and may be used to brush between the braces and the teeth. While this tool does the job of flossing well, it’s not supposed to replace flossing entirely, so you still have to do that.  A Proxabrush, however, would be handy to have inside the purse when you’re out with friends and you need to do an immediate cleaning between the teeth. This tool come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to pick the one you need best. Most users, however, also tend to get the smallest Proxabrush as it is said to clean most efficiently.

Cleaning teeth with braces takes patience, especially if this is your first time to use other tools aside from the basic and usual toothbrush. It also takes commitment to do this more than once a day, in order to avoid complications and other dental problems.

Once in a while, it may also be a good idea to set an appointment with a dental hygienist to get a thorough cleaning. And any time you encounter problems with the wires, such as breaking or misalignment, set up an appointment with your orthodontist as soon as possible so that this will be fixed. Leaving it defective for a longer period can delay the treatment process, affecting its progress.

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