Tips To Avoid Staining Ceramic Braces

The beauty of wearing ceramic braces is that it’s the kind that doesn’t call attention to the mouth. It’s not entirely invisible but because the ceramics come close to the color of the teeth, which means you can wear it without becoming so conscious that people could be looking at your braces.

But while the ceramic brackets are clear and unnoticeable, the ligatures needed to be attached to it so the braces hold together with the wires, are quite noticeable. In fact, it is the ligatures that may develop staining and turn its color. If you’re not too careful with cleaning your braces, the discoloration may be something that is no longer easy to remove.

Ceramic Braces Staining TipsPeople often say that cleaning ceramic braces is harder. But  the truth is, its maintenance simply involves diligence and commitment from the person who wears it. There are many ways one can go about managing ceramic braces so that it doesn’t stain. Below are some of what you can do.

Brush Up on your Dental Hygiene

It goes without saying that you will need to be more particular about how you take care of your teeth. Brushing every after meal is always recommended. But for people with braces, brushing is simply not enough.

You will need special dental tools to work on cleaning your teeth, such as a specialized toothbrush. You will need to floss more often and use mouthwash to finish it off. Visiting the dental hygienist may also be necessarily done every quarter.

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Opting for Colored Ligatures

If your orthodontist provides an option for using colored ligatures, then get this instead of clear ligatures. This way, the staining is virtually minimized. Most people automatically pick dark colored ligatures assuming that stains are easier covered this way, but it’s the pastel colored ones that actually work better. Understandably though, for adults wearing ceramics, this choice may be too cutesy and inappropriate for the workplace. So, choose the color that will be most comfortable to use for you.

Avoiding “Colored” Food

For the time being, be careful with the food and drinks you have. The staining is a result of eating food that is rich in color, such as those that come with spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce. Drinking coffee and tea, red wine and dark fruit juices, or eating dark berries can also cause staining, so it’s better to cut back on these while you’re still getting used to having braces.  The good news is the ligatures are replaced every so often along with your regular appointments for braces adjustment. Which means that, should these become stained over time and because you cannot help but sample the food you want, then it would still be replaced with a new one.

Other Tips You Should Keep In Mind

  • Drink water at all times to wash down food debris and loosen the ones that stay stuck in your braces.
  • Quit smoking, as the nicotine can also discolor the fixture in your mouth.
  • Never attempt to bleach your teeth with your braces on. Hold this off until after these are removed, so that the bleaching of the teeth is even.
  • If worse comes to worse and you did stain the ceramic brackets, set an appointment with your hygienist for proper cleaning. And also set an appointment with your orthodontist for a check-up.
  • Others have luck cleaning their stained ceramic braces by brushing and gargling lemon juice, but this method isn’t full proof. It does help with keeping bacteria out in your mouth, though.

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