What Are Alternatives To Braces For Adults?

While so many options are available with dental braces care and treatment, sometimes an adult may prefer to go with an alternative treatment instead of this. The reasons for this are varied and usually, it is a matter of preference.

But as cases of orthodontic problems in adults have risen, there is a significant need among people in a certain age group to correct oral problems to improve their lifestyle and the overall quality of their health.

Below are some of the alternatives to braces for adults:


Alternatives to Braces for AdultsWearing partials like veneers, is one of the usual solutions to orthodontic problems involving the front teeth. This procedure requires replacing the teeth with either porcelain or plastic veneer to solve the problem of misalignment, tooth loss and unappealing teeth.

The process to having veneers installed in the mouth is a faster and a less expensive alternative to braces for adults. This doesn’t require the patient to wear brackets or to regularly return for teeth adjustments, as ones the veneers are set, the teeth is back in shape.


This alternative is similar to veneers although its composition is thinner and more translucent to wear. Thus some say that lumineers look more natural when set in the mouth. It’s also a solution to fixing dental problems of the front teeth, though in some cases this dental fix may also be applied to the rest of the teeth set.

Lumineers may be the solution to dental problems like cracked or chipped teeth, worn or misshapen teeth, severe misalignment, spaced teeth and tooth loss. And  like veneers, this is more of a cosmetic solution to adult dental problems.


This dental appliance is actually part of a complete braces treatment. But sometimes it also works as an alternative to braces for adults, especially when the case isn’t as severe. Retainers are less obvious and less restrictive than braces and may work for an adult who has undergone braces treatment before, but may only need some more minor corrections.


Invisalign and Myobraces fall under this category.  While they are technically braces, their procedures and techniques are different from a traditional braces treatment in that there are no painful brackets or wires to deal with, and the dental appliances are easy to manage and handle. Opting for clarity braces may be a more expensive option, but the benefits to using this are better fitted to an adult lifestyle, who may find traditional braces limiting and not confidence boosting.


Implants offer a permanent solution to lost tooth. This procedure consists of using titanium screws in the gums, to act as the roots of the tooth, where a smoothed surface that is actually a tooth mold is attached. Dental implants involve minor surgery and considerable healing time. However, once the treatment is completed, the implants are set for a lifetime. It is literally like growing a new set of teeth.

Before considering any of these alternatives to braces for adults, do have a lengthy consultation with your dentist first.  Understanding the advantages and disadvantages to each of the options can help you make an informed choice. You won’t have to waste time and money when you get the treatment done.

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