6 Month Braces - Straighten Your Teeth Within Six Months

Developed by cosmetic orthodontists, the 6 Month Braces is another innovative technique to add to a long list of different braces procedures. As the name suggests, wearing this only requires a short period, as opposed to two to four years of wearing other types of braces. It’s also similar to another technique called the Six Month Smiles.

6 Month Braces

Six Month Braces make use of clear braces that are bonded on to the teeth and remains almost invisible. In some cases, the braces may even be lingual braces, meaning it’s set on the back of the teeth so that it really cannot be seen. You can go about getting the treatment for this short period without people knowing that you’ve actually got braces on. After procedure care with the help of retainers also makes use of an invisible dental fixture, since the retainer is either clear or bonded from behind, as well.

The wires used for the dental appliance are technically advanced. They come with what is known as a “shape memory”, which makes it possible for the wire to return to its original shape, regardless if it’s twisted and deformed.  There is also no brace-tightening involved because this procedure does not believe that force allows the teeth to move faster. The braces also contain shock absorber that helps reduce bruising of the gums, which makes using this less painful and less uncomfortable. Visits to the orthodontist is also lessened.

Six Month Smiles

Inspite of the fact that it is developed by a different person, the concept behind Six Month Smiles is similar to all of these shorter techniques in orthodontics, except that with Six Month Smiles, the dental appliance makes use of a trademarked Lucid-Lok brackets that are similar to the color of the teeth.  The results are also very conservative and predictable with this treatment, while it makes sure that forces, discomfort, safety and hygiene occur less, if not entirely non-existent.

Coverage and Limitations

Not all types of dental issues can be fixed with any of these techniques, however. The Six Month Braces or Six Month Smiles treatment works best for people with simple alignment. It doesn’t necessarily correct occlusion, placement and serious bite problems. Once the teeth are straight, the treatment can then be stopped.

Most people call this a quick cosmetic fix. The reason why other braces treatment take longer than six months to complete it is because jaw problems and bites are also corrected. This particular procedure have none of that. Teeth movement, with regular or traditional treatments, only take about 6 to 8 months to complete, which is what is the main objective of a six-month technique. The only thing different then is with the rest of the months in a traditional procedure, bites and other dental problems have to be fixed.

Cost of 6 Month Braces

Average cost of a 6 month treatment usually fall between $1900 to $6000 depending on the case. The more expensive treatment cost is usually based on the kind of materials used for the braces, as well as the expertise of the dentist who will be performing the procedure. Sometimes, tooth whitening service and retainers may be added to the cost, too.

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