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Whether getting braces as an adult or as a child, the fact is that for the next three to four years, some adjustments will have to be done with regards  to your dental habits. But these changes will not be so bad if preparation and proper management is applied and practiced.

So that when treatment period is completed, the sacrifices and adjustments you’ve made to fit brace wearing into your lifestyle, will all be worth it.

On this site, you will find a compilation of information on braces cost, tips and guides to managing braces treatment.

Before Getting Dental Braces

Getting braces require careful consideration because:

  • The procedure costs a lot of money.
  • The treatment can be restrictive, affecting day-to-day activities.
  • There’s a length of time to take into account.

These three points are just the basics, but there are other things to also be concerned about. This is extensively discussed on the section: What to Know Before Getting Dental Braces.

Types of Braces

Most people immediately think of metal wires when it comes to braces. But there are plenty of alternatives and these have been broken down into sections on this site:

COST AND PAYMENT. The cost of braces is very important to the decision-making. Surely, you must have all these questions on payment before you get the treatment itself. How will you be able to get this done if you don’t have the means to fund for it? Sections that deal with different means to finding resources for dental braces are discussed at length in the following pages:

* Scroll down below for the list of average estimates for braces cost.

ORTHODONTIST. Having a good relationship with your orthodontist is another factor to making a decision before getting braces. Read these sections for additional information:

FEARS & EXPECTATIONS. With children and some adults, wearing dental braces is a huge concern, particularly because of the stigma, or the pain and embarrassment associated with it.  The topic Managing Your Fear of Braces Pain should provide helpful insights, while the page on Debunking Myths About Wearing Braces covers concerns in relation to braces that are both real or just exaggerations. In addition, parents can pick up a few tips on handling children with this piece on How to Convince your Child to Wear Braces.

Maintenance Concerns When The Braces Are On

After making your choice and going to the orthodontist to get fitted with braces for the first time, the more challenging part is ahead. Taking care of braces realistically takes effort, especially in the beginning.  But these tips should offer helpful ways on how you can do it:

Limitations To Wearing Braces

Understandably, wearing braces can pose limitations to your lifestyle and it takes time to really get used to it.

Other Types Of Special Dental Braces & Appliances

While you may be on this site looking for information on traditional dental braces (metal wires) and its costs, there are other options to this treatment. These specific dental appliances cost higher, but they offer other features that may work well with a busy adult’s lifestyle.

What Are Veneers and How Much Does It Cost? is a subject that touches on a cosmetic enhancement. Unlike braces, veneers cannot correct jaw and alignment problems. But you can also look into this as an option, or better yet, look into this section on Comparison with Invisalign vs. Braces vs. Veneers.

Braces After Care Maintenance

Upon completing your dental braces treatment, care and maintenance is still needed, especially in the first year without braces. Read up on What To Expect During Braces Removal so that you will be aware of the process and also check the topic on What is a Dental Retainer? that your orthodontist will probably discuss with you when your braces are ready to be taken off.

How Much Do Braces Cost

Listed below are the average estimates of the cost of braces treatment. These estimations were compiled based on discussions among braces patients online:

Types & Cost Additional Information


($3,700 to $5,000)

$2,000 – Cheapest, but minimal dental issues & really short treatment period
$3,600 – Treatment done by orthodontist student/graduate studies
$3,700 – Basic treatment covered without insurance
$4,300 – Treatment is for 18 months only
$4,595 – Metal braces, but self ligating


($4,200 to $6,500)

$5,300 – Top and bottom
$5,000 – Ceramic and self ligating
$1,680 – Just the top


($5,100 to $7,400)

$8,500 – New York City orthodontists
$4,200 – Los Angeles orthodontists
$4,880 – New Jersey orthodontists
$5,300 – Damon ceramics + Damon metal


($3,000 to $6,000)

 $8,000 – iBraces brand


($4,200 to $7,300)

$3,995 – Treatment is done by a dentist with Invisalign certification
$3,600 – Treatment is done at university dental school
$6,000 – Hollywood orthodontist
$5,000 – With insurance coverage
$12,000 – Treatment is for 2 years


($2,500 to $3,000)

Less than 4 months treatment, or 10 trays less with 1 refinement


($1,600 to $3,500)

N / A



$1,200 – Cheapest
$27,000 – Most expensive
*Depends on the kind of treatment done, hence huge price difference

Child Braces vs Adult Braces Cost

The difference in cost between child braces versus adult braces is minimal. But getting braces as an adult tends to rack up more out-of-pocket expenses, as there are corrective treatments to do before the actual braces procedure, or additional adjustments while the treatment is ongoing.

On top of this, adult braces are worn longer because the teeth and gums are rigid at this point, making it harder to correct. So, the longer the treatment is completed, the more costly it gets.

Dental Insurance for Braces

Having a dental insurance plan helps ease up on paying for braces treatment. But in most cases, insurance companies cover only 50% of child orthodontics (or up to 18 years old) and hardly approve coverage for adult orthodontics. If you do find one however , the coverage maximum is usually between $1000 to $3000, depending on the plan and insurance company.

Check out this section for additional inputs: The Best Dental Insurance Plan.


Wearing braces in today’s highly advanced lifestyle offer a lot of options and solutions.  You should be able to make an informed choice after reading through this site’s guides.

The guides, however, are not meant to replace the medical opinion of a professional. Your orthodontist is still the best person to ask when it comes to your main contention on braces treatment, care and maintenance.


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